ECO Retrofit Assessment

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Retrofit Assessors are trained to undertake a retrofit assessment for dwellings in accordance with PAS 2035 highlighting areas for improvement.

At Advance Energy Services we employ both Retrofit Assessors and Retrofit Co-ordinators. If you are a business that want to submit measures under the PAS2030 2019/PAS2035 then both services are a requirement.

Retrofit Assessor Surveys:

The main role of the Retrofit Assessor will be to visit the property and prepare a report in-line with a Retrofit Coordinator’s requirements. Dwellings which require energy retrofit work will first need to be assessed by a Retrofit Assessor. These assessors play an important role in the PAS 2035 process as they collect and provide property data/information which Retrofit Coordinators can use to develop a relevant improvement plan.

Retrofit Assessors can use Reduced data Standard Assessment Procedure (RdSAP) to support their retrofit assessments alongside an appraisal of a property’s condition and occupancy. From discussions with the client, and the information provided from the retrofit assessment, the Retrofit Assessor can determine which installation measures are suitable for the property and can feed this information back to other stakeholders involved within the PAS 2035 process.

Retrofit Co-ordinator:

PAS 2035 is the publicly available specification which outlines the necessary standards for all future domestic retrofit projects. For projects to be eligible for public funding, they must be delivered in strict compliance to PAS 2035. The specification is fully supported by BEIS. Compliance is a mandatory requirement of schemes wanting to operate under the TrustMark – the new quality mark for the Retrofit sector.

The Retrofit Coordinator role is mandatory for all retrofit projects undertaken in conjunction with PAS 2035 which is fully backed by the government and TrustMark. This, as well as the government’s aim to improve the energy efficiency in existing homes, should drive demand for individuals qualified and accredited in this area.

Many companies who operate within the PAS2035 field will have a Retrofit Assessor but will look to outsource their Retrofit Co-ordinator role. At Advance Energy we forge relationships with partners in this field and provide all their Retrofit Co-ordination activities.



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